CNC Router

Computer Numerical Control Router

The construction of a 12" x 12" CNC Router began with researching required materials and building concepts, and ended with Bob learning Python and C++ to create his own computer program to run his newly-built machine.

Check out every step of Bob's programming and construction of his CNC router here: Bob's CNC Router Project

Redwood Mug

Redwood Hand Painted Cups

Each mug is a different size and shape due to their individual creation with hours of carving. The images on each mug were designed, cut into stencils and hand painted onto each mug. These mugs are sold at farmers markets and artist markets in the Bay Area, California.

Check out the cup making process here: Redwood cup creation

Block and Tackle

Functional Artisanal Wood Carving

One of Bob's first projects was designing and carving a functional block-and-tackle with his CNC Router. Each piece had to be exactly the same size, shape and diameter. Bob added his own personal touch with carving words and pictures on the side of the block and tackle with his own chosen fonts and design.

See the block and tackle in action here: Images of CNC carved block and tackle.


Tiny Houses and Sheds

Bob used Google Sketchup to make his dream of a 100 square foot shed in the back yard a reality. The special touches using recycled redwood from a dismantled deck and succulent garden on the roof are his own personal design touches.

More photos of the process of building the shed here: Tiny Homes / Shed building.


Redwood Bracelets

Using a lathe, Bob carved out beautiful reclaimed redwood bracelets. Each bracelet has a different shape, color and texture due to the unique attributes of the wood.

He sells bracelets at local farmers markets and flea markets: Bracelets

Coming soon!