Hello, I'm Emily and I'm a web developer!
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Work Experience


Currently I'm working part-time editing code tutorials for FreeCodeCamp.com. I feel passionately about teaching others the wonderful world of website development. I have used resources like FreeCodeCamp to further my own skills, and I enjoy being able to deliver clear, useful code tutorials to beginner and experienced developers alike.

FreeCodeCamp Website


Most recently I created the landing page for an online educational resource for aspiring pysicians seen here: OnlineMedEd. I worked closely with the impeccable designs on Sketch to perfect UI specifics. Now the company's website has a more modern and interactive feel with the use of jQuery, Bootstrap4 and SASS.

OnlineMedEd Website


I worked on the GrayMeta Platform for one year, creating an entirely new user interface for customers using the JavaScript framework VueJS. I also took charge of writing and formatting the technical documentation for developers, as seen here: api.graymeta.com. I had training at Microsoft on Azure Machine Learning in order to implement it into the Platform for facial recognition on both videos and images.

GrayMeta Platform Website

Working with Bob Main over the past several years, we realized JavaScript frameworks and libraries kept popping up. As we learned each framework, we also learned their distinct advantages and disadvantages. With The LoneJS Project, we aimed to create a library framework with JavaScript that was devoid of dependencies and thus lighter and easier to pop up full-stack websites. I spearheaded the developent of the documentation pages. Docs are important for developers to be able to understand the technology and use it to its full capabilities. Not only does developing docs require understanding of the product, it also requires advanced front-end development skills to be able to order and design the UI in an easy to read fashion for programmers of any level.

The LoneJS Project Documentation

The LoneJS Project Website

The LoneJS Project on GitHub

Personal Projects

Graph Sense
Arduino MKR 1000

Live stream data with wifi enabled micro controllers to relay sensor data to dynamically updated graphs

• Implemented HTTP requests for JSON file updates to maximize data stream restrictions to live graphs

• Handled JavaScript SKDs for data stream updates and object construction for data visualization

• Implemented Bootstrap4 to create a mobile responsive user interface


A full CRUD MERN stack application utilizing ReactJS and noSQL database to post lost pets

• Utilized CSS3 positioning to create mobile responsive design for all screen sizes

• Implemented Handlebars to display database information on the front-end in an organized fashion.

Over the course of five years I worked with my wonderfully talented partner Bob Main as a small business owner. I created a modern woodcrafting business website using vanilla JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to advertise products and describe woodworking processes. Together, Bob and I assembled and carved artisan woodworking products to sell at art fairs and farmers markets around Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco, California.

Woodcrafters Design Website

Woocrafters Design on GitHub