Visual Studio Code is a free and popular text editor for writting software programs in any programming language. It was created by Microsoft. There is a lot to this program, so I’ll try to keep this post to what you must know to begin.

First, download Visual Studio Code: Click on your operating system

Open VS Code. On the far left there’s a menu list of icons. The first one looks like a piece of paper, clicking on this will hide and show the files in the Explorer column. In order to look for a specific file or directroy, go to File -> Open and select a specific folder or file. This folder or file will now populate the Explorer column.

The next icon down is a magnifying glass. Click on if it you’d like to search through the current directory. Use this as a literal text search - you can search for a single word, or a few words in a consecutive sentence.

We’ll get to the rest of the icons later.

To create a new file, either click on the file icon within the Explorer column, or go to File -> New File.

Whenever you make a new file, make sure to put the specific extension of the language you’ll be using. For example:

JavaScript: app.js
Ruby: test.rb

You can only write and excute one language per file.

Happy coding!


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