I’m Emily, a software engineer and human.

Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to escape the snow ☃️. That’s when I began learning the art of programming and working as a developer. I’ve since decided to move to Austin, Texas for a change of pace. I love Austin! 🌵

I’m a world traveler. I’ve lived in both Egypt 🇪🇬 and Guatemala 🇬🇹, and my last trip was to the beautiful island of Cuba 🇨🇺.

I consider myself a tinkerer. I love diving into a project or technology and just “figuring it out” as I go. You’ll find me reaching out to my web developer friends on Twitter for tips and tricks. Connect with me and let’s have coffee! I’m always up for a good chat ☕️.

I’m also an artist 👩🏽‍🎨, woodworker, and nature lover. You can see some of my work on Instagram.